Welcome to the Cantu Syndrome Interest Group website.

We are a group of clinicians and scientists interested in the causes and potential for treatments for Cantu Syndrome. We are launching this website and the Cantu Syndrome Interest Group at this time, since recent developments in the understanding of the underlying mechanisms brings new hope for potential therapies.

We encourage affected individuals and their families, and caring clinicians to come together and join this effort, both to raise awareness and help each other deal with the symptoms, and to help search for improved outcomes.

The more people that are aware of Cantu Syndrome, the better, and this in turn will ensure that families, physicians and other health care professionals are educated about this condition.

We will post information as relevant to provide support and an exchange of information among families who are affected with Cantu Syndrome. We encourage anyone with a diagnosis consistent with Cantu syndrome to contact Dorothy K. Grange at cantu-group@wustl.edu 314-454-6093 or Sophia Couteranis at 314-286-1547 for further information. Join the Cantu Syndrome Registry to learn about potential testing and clinical trials that will be developed.

Did you know…

Cantu Syndrome is identified in countries all over the world.

Cantu Syndrome was first described in several Mexican individuals in 1982 by J.M. Cantu, and both males and females of multiple ethnicities have now been identified in many countries.

Currently, there is no specific treatment, but recent genetic findings may lead to breakthroughs in therapy.

2024 Cantu Clinic @ SLCH

We are excited to be hosting this year’s annual Cantu Clinic at St. Louis Children’s Hospital June 19th-21st of 2024!